Managed IT Services and Support

Every business is increasingly dependent on the benefits that an efficient, reliable computer system can bring.

Achieving the benefits that an efficient, reliable computer system can deliver can be a challenging, costly and time consuming process for businesses.

At Mint IT we understand this and have developed a program of Managed IT Services that can cost effectively relieve you of this burden and provide reliable, efficient computer systems which are secure and protected. We focus on maintaining your system at its optimal operational level so that you can focus on supporting your clients and growing your business.


What benefits will you see?

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Data Protection

What is the Managed IT Services program?

The foundation of the Managed IT Services program is a set of specialised software tools and processes specifically targeted to the requirements of your computer network with focus on these five key areas:

Proactive Device Management & Monitoring

Servers, workstations and other key network components such as switches and routers can be monitored throughout the day. Checks on capacity such as memory, CPU and disk space utilisation means that we are often able to identify and address issues before they can have an impact on your business.

Actively Managed Antivirus and Antispam Protection
Actively managing protection against virus infection and unauthorised intrusion relies on ensuring that the relevant software is always up to date and that scans are regularly completed and monitored. Our Managed Antivirus and Antispam services provide the underlying protection and are actively monitored to ensure that your systems are protected against the latest threats.
Software Security Patching
Software vendors such as Microsoft regularly release updates to their software using ‘Patches’ to block possible security threats and to release software fixes and enhancements. Regularly applying these patches to your servers & PCs ensures they are kept secure and running with the optimal software available. Our patching service will securely maintain these patches with little or no downtime for you or your staff.
Data Backup Verification and Restoration Testing
The reliance by businesses on computer systems means that data loss can have catastrophic effects. The best way of protecting your data is to have a reliable data backup and recovery process which is regularly checked and verified. A key component of our Managed Services includes daily checks of the backup process together with regular test restoration of data from the backup media to verify the integrity of the backup process. We will work with you to setup an appropriate backup solution which suits the needs of the business and then regularly involve you in checking the integrity of the system so that, in the event of your backup being needed, it is there to get the business back on track.
Scheduled Maintenance
Just like any important piece of equipment, computers and related devices need to have regular checks to ensure reliability and security. As part of this service we carry out a set of predefined tasks using a checklist to verify that each component of the network is working at its optimal level.