Data Security

A consolidated approach to protect your business data

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Increasingly complex and sophisticated cyber attacks are being mounted on businesses which can potentially cause serious impacts on their productivity and continuity. This level of complexity and sophistication means that a single method of defence against these attacks is no longer effective. Instead, a consolidated approach is required using a collection of complementary methods such as antispam filtering, antivirus scanning, internet filtering using a firewall device and a robust, reliable backup and restore strategy.

Unified Threat Management

With Total Security Suite running on a WatchGuard appliance, your business can benefit from enterprise-grade prevention, detection, correlation and response from the perimeter of your network to the endpoint.

Some of the key features of Total Security Suite include:

  • The use of continually updated signatures to scan traffic on all major protocols to provide real-time protection against network threats, including spyware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting and buffer overflows.
  • A reputation lookup service that protects web users from malicious sites and botnets, while dramatically improving web processing overhead.
  • Automatically blocking of known malicious sites and the ability to enable URL filtering to block inappropriate content, conserve network bandwidth, and increase employee productivity.
  • Selectively allows, blocks, or restricts access to applications based on a user’s department, job function, and time of day and to then see, in real-time, what’s being accessed on your network and by whom.
  • Protection against ‘Ransomware’ attacks using a cloud based ‘sandbox’ to analyse the potential of incoming threats and block them before they can do any damage.

Data Backup and Recovery

The final but crucial component in ensuring business continuity is having a backup and recovery strategy in place so that data can be easily and quickly recovered in the event that it is lost or corrupted. We can formulate a strategy for your business which utilises both on-site backup using a variety of media as well as Cloud Backup  to provide comprehensive protection against data loss. To ensure the integrity of the data which is being backed up it is also important that it is tested by carrying out regular data restores. We can also assist with this and this service is available as part of our Managed Services program.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help protect your business data.