How To Collaborate Effectively Using Microsoft Teams

The number of Australians now working from home has significantly increased since the inception of the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. A staggering 88% of organisations have changed their working format to allow employees to work from home and a never before seen 30% of the workers prompting to continue their work in the safety of their own home.

With the pandemic still looming and many organisations still choosing to work from home, throughout this blog, we will provide insight into how your workplace can collaborate effectively in an agile environment, using Microsoft teams.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative hub that sits under the Office 365 group. It is a program that can be implemented to stay connected with your fellow colleagues and keep business running as usual within the fragmented working style. By utilising messaging, audio, video conferencing and workflow management tools, your team can stay connected throughout the workday and create a steady productive workflow.

The app also allows teams to access, share and edit documents from all the Microsoft platforms including but not limited to Word, PowerPoint and Excel. To assist with the agile working, the program is available as a web app on the Office 365 home or can be downloaded as a mobile application for both Android and Apple Devices.

How To Get Microsoft Teams?

If you already have access to the Office 365 Suite, then you are automatically entitled to the Microsoft Teams application. If your business does not already work with the Office 365 Suite, an alternative option is to download the Microsoft Teams app on its own and use it in the ‘Freemium’ mode.

How Microsoft Teams Works?

The Teams platform can create workspaces that are able to be tailored to the team’s specific wants or needs. It is completely customisable to allow for your specific business’ and team’s workflow. You are able to add tabs, connectors, bots, and teams can upload and share files within the workspace.

Businesses are also able to utilise the Teams Meeting side of the application, which can be both audio or video conferencing. When setting up the meeting, an agenda can be sent out prior to commencement and previous meeting minutes can also be accessed so every team member is able to attend the meeting prepared.

A great tool to implement into your business is the call feature. With this feature, you’re able to take incoming calls and transfer to all necessary team members that are working from home. This allows for more productivity and less back-and-forth.

Privacy & Security

All data and personal information are safe and private, to ensure your company’s business continues to stay secure. No data is used for ads and is deleted once a subscription has ended. A variety of privacy and security controls are available whilst using the app, allowing you to control who can attend the meeting and who can see content that is posted to Microsoft Teams.

If your business is looking to implement Microsoft Teams, get in contact with Mint IT. We are able to set up everything and get you one step closer to a better workflow in these changing times.