Data Security for Medical Practice

Ensuring business continuity

Protect and secure your practice and patient data

Medical Practices and the public health sector as a whole are high value targets for malicious actors.

A medical practice is unable to function effectively if their IT systems are taken offline which makes them a prime target for ransomware attacks which will attempt to cripple the practice and demand payment to release control of your network and files back to you.

Furthermore, they are a valuable source of confidential information which can be used for fraudulent activities such as identity theft or extortion.

Keeping your patient data secure is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly, with the introduction of mandatory data breach reporting and large fines, it is now more than ever critical to keep your systems secure not only to prevent interruption to day to day operation of the practice but also to prevent the backlash that can ensue after a data breach.

Internet Security

Malicious attacks via the internet and email are becoming increasingly common, often compromising data security and resulting in financial loss, legal liability and loss of trust. One method of defending against these attacks is the use of a firewall device utilising a layer of targeted features which can be easily and centrally managed.

Some of the key features of a firewall device include:

  • Automatic blocking of known malicious or inappropriate web sites.
  • Restricting access to web sites, either specifically or by category.
  • Control internet use and maintain employee productivity.
  • Protection against attacks contained within emails masquerading as legitimate documents.
  • An additional layer of of antivirus filtering which takes place before the internet traffic reaches a computer or server.
  • Protection against ‘Ransomware’ attacks using a cloud based ‘sandbox’ to analyse the potential of incoming threats.
  • Prevents the use of unauthorised third-party software to protect against infection.
  • Reports to keep track of how the internet is being used.

Data Backup and Recovery

Having a backup and recovery strategy in place is crucial in ensuring data security so that data can be easily recovered if required. We can formulate a strategy for your business which utilises both on-site as well as Cloud Backup and incorporates regular test data restores to verify the integrity of your data.

Anti-Spam Filtering

Filtering your email for malicious content prior to it reaching your network will greatly reduce the possibility of data loss or corruption.

End-Point Anti-Virus

Real time anti-virus scanning on an endpoint such as a server of PC will reduce the possibility of virus infection.

Secure User Access

Ensuring that access to your network is closely controlled and managed will reduce the possibility of unauthorised intrusion or malicious damage to your data.

User education

We can help educate your staff to identify threats such as a phishing email before they fall victim to the attack, often the best security strategies can come unstuck when human error is involved, most attacks are caused by “social hacking / social engineering” attacks being successful, help stop the initial risk by training your staff.

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