Medical Practice Pathology Integration

Integration and support of Pathology and Radiology Providers with your practices Clinical Management Software

Many Pathology providers now offer the ability to submit pathology requests and receive pathology results electronically.

This speeds up the process for patients as well as practitioners and support staff, through integration with your clinical management software the results can automatically be added into your patients records without any manual handling such as scanning of the results which helps to decrease consultation time.

Mint IT Solutions have extensive experience working with pathology and imaging providers and clinical software providers to ensure that the integration works and is a seamless experience.

We have commonly worked with Douglass Hanly Moir, Barratt and Smith, Laverty and Symbion making us familiar with their applications and requirements as well as support of their applications.

We are however not only limited to the above providers and can work with most providers no matter how big or small.

As well as pathology, a large range of radiology services also integrate, most through the same software, allowing your practice to download the results of imaging requests such as x-ray or CT scans automatically.

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