Medical Practice Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect your data with cloud based backup and recovery

Mint IT Solutions can develop a complete backup and disaster recovery solution for your medical practice designed to deliver recovery times in-line with what your practice desires this can include designs that offer less than 30 seconds of lost work in the event of a system outage.

Getting your Medical Practice back up and running again as soon as possible means patient health is not put at risk and your practice is operational and billing again reducing the financial impact of an outage sooner.

We deliver this through a variety of methods which can include:

High Availability Replication of servers

With more than one physical server onsite, we can develop a network design that continually replicates your server data to a secondary server, in the event of hardware failure we can fail back to the replica of your server which can have replication of data intervals occurring as low as every 30 seconds.

Local Backup

We can also backup your servers through-out the day with no impact to your practices operations, these backups can occur once a day or multiple times an hour.

We can configure these backups to be stored on resilient network storage which can handle hard drive failures and continue to operate and because it is local to your network the backups are very fast and recovery is also very fast.

We can also configure the backups to run to a portal drive such as a USB drive which staff can take offsite nightly to maintain a copy outside the premises to cover for accidents such as a fire.

Cloud Backup

This service is a perfect online backup solution that automates data backup to secure cloud storage, either to complement an on-site backup solution or as a replacement. The service combines an easy to use interface with comprehensive functionality making disaster recovery planning simple, reliable and affordable.


  • Important business data is stored remotely and securely.
  • Data can be restored anytime to any location using an available internet connection.
  • Files can be encrypted prior to transfer to ensure data security.
  • Backups can be scheduled for any suitable time and frequency.
  • Multiple copies of files can be held to allow recovery to a point in time.
  • Storage availability can grow with your needs.
  • Data is transferred at ‘block-level’ to minimise any impact on your internet connection.


Storage Plans can be allocated to suit your needs.

Allocation Size Price Per Month
100GB $13.00
250GB $20.00
500GB $34.00
1000GB $56.00
1500GB $80.00
2000GB $105.00

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