Clinical Software Management

Medical Practices are increasingly dependent on their Clinical Management Software, Mint IT ensures it runs smoothly, efficiently and reliably for them.

One of the most important aspects of healthcare is up-to-date information; patient health history, medications in use, access to drug references and shared health summaries to help deliver the best care possible.

Your practices’ Clinical Software is critical to ensuring your practitioners and support staff can obtain this important information when required, especially during an emergency.

At Mint IT we understand this and have extensive experience in maintaining a vast amount of Clinical Software suites ensuring they function as required. We focus on maintaining your system at its optimal operational level so that you can focus on providing healthcare for your community.

What is Clinical Software?

Various vendors design, create and distribute Clinical Software suites, some are focused around general practice while other suites focus on specialist rooms such as surgeons, they provide centralised management for your entire practice including but not limited to:

  • Appointment Management

Through your clinical management software you can schedule appointments for patients who walk in, as well as link to online appointment booking systems to allow patients to automatically book themselves in to your practice, allowing you to manage the waiting room and patient visits to your practice.

  • Patient Record Keeping

One of the primary roles of your clinical management software is the recording of patient information such as contact details, medicare data and health information with products able to manage patient information from the common cold right the way through to chronic health care, the system also integrates with third party offerings such as script exchange services and shared health platforms to ensure you have up to date information when you see your patients.

  • Billing

Manage billing through your clinical management software, whether it is an appointment that is bulk billed and needs to be submitted to medicare or an appointment that is being paid for by the patient, with integration of products such as magnetic card readers and signature pads, improve the speed, efficiency and ease of your front receptions processes.

  • Receiving results online from third parties such as pathology and radiology services.

Your local pathology and radiology providers can submit results electronically to your practice and have the results available directly in your clinical management software, without the need for facsimile or administration staff manually scanning results into the software, this allows for a faster and more streamlined service provided to not only the patients you look after but also your medical staff who can focus on other tasks.

  • Integration with online services such as the My Health Record service.

View directly from within your clinical management software patient shared health summaries, upload new information into their shared health summary to help provide the best care for your patients and get a better and more thorough view of what care they are also receiving outside the practice from other involved parties such as physiotherapists, dietitians, speech therapists and psychologists, with greater information sharing and rapid access to up-to-date data you’ll be able to make better informed decisions for your patients.

  • Prescriptions, referrals etc

Your clinical management software also allows you to write referrals, prescriptions, letters etc all from within the patients record, printed directly on the appropriate script paper or referral forms helping to speed up patient appointments, increase efficiency and allow your doctors to assist more patients in a much more timely fashion throughout the day.


Mint IT Solutions work with a wide range of Clinical Software Products and Vendors such as:

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